How to Choose the Right Size for Your Skip Bin: A Simple Guide


Skip bins are those large containers you’ve probably seen at construction sites or during home renovations. They’re super helpful for storing and moving big piles of waste. Whether you’re sprucing up your home or working on a big project, picking the right size skip bin is really important. Let’s go through some easy steps to help you figure out what size you need.

Breaking Down Skip Bin Sizes:

Let’s start by understanding what skip bins are and where they come in handy. They’re like giant trash cans that can handle all kinds of stuff, from old wood to broken concrete. Now, when it comes to size, it’s all about matching the bin to your job. Small jobs need small bins, and big jobs need big bins.

Common Skip Bin Sizes:

Here’s a quick rundown of the skip bin sizes you’ll come across and what they’re good for:

  • 2 cubic meters (2m³): Think of this size for garage cleaning or sorting out your garden shed.
  • 3 cubic meters (3m³) and 4 cubic meters (4m³): These sizes are perfect for bigger home cleanups or smaller renovations.
  • 6 cubic meters (6m³): When you’re redoing a room or getting rid of a bunch of yard waste, this size works well.
  • 8 cubic meters (8m³): Major renovations or construction projects? This size has got your back.
  • 10-20 cubic meters: If you’re doing something big, like a commercial project or a whole-house cleanout. This range covers skip bin sizes from 10 cubic meters up to 20 cubic meters, giving you options for larger projects.

What to Remember:

Choosing the right skip bin size is like picking the right tool for the job. You want to match the bin to what you’re doing so you don’t end up with too much or too little space. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, finding the right skip bin size is a key step in keeping things organized and getting rid of waste the right way.

Ready to Get Started?

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Need a Skip Bin for Your Project?

At Westgate Bin Hire, we offer a diverse selection of skip bin sizes to cater to your unique needs. Whether you’re cleaning out your garage or managing a construction site, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range of skip bin sizes below:

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