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    How can I get a quote for a skip bin?

    You can fill our online booking form in order to get quote for your desired skip bin.

    How can I book/hire a skip bin?

    You can call on 0403 215 624 to talk to one of our friendly staff to assist you with the booking. Alternatively, you can fill our online booking form to get quote for your desired skip bin.

    How can I pay for a skip bin?

    Payment can made either prior or at the time of delivery. For business we can send invoice as per request. We accept following payment methods:

    • Cash to the driver on delivery

    • Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa)

    • American Express Card

    How much notice is required to book/hire a skip bin?

    It is recommended that you book at least one day in advance, but we will try our best to accommodate same-day delivery if possible.

    For how long I can keep a skip bin?

    You can keep the skip bin for up to 7 days. If you need to retain it for a longer time, then additional charges may apply.

    Do I need a council permit?

    Permit is required if a bin is placed on council property (on the nature strip or on the road). We arrange the permit on your behalf as part of your booking as we are accredited with all of the councils within our service. Permit costs vary depending on the council, placement of the bin and the length of time the permit is required. This cost will reflect on your final invoice. For further information, you can contact our office on 0403 215 624.

    Can I specify delivery and pickup time?
    • For delivery we do provide 2 – 3 hours window rather than specific time due to the traffic conditions or any other unforeseen delays.

    • For pickup, we do not provide any specific time or window. However, if you have specific requirements then we will try our best to accommodate you as much as possible.

    What waste is not accepted?

    We do not accept asbestos, tree stumps, gas bottles, tins of liquid paints, oils, food scraps or chemical waste in solid, liquid or powder form including garden and household chemicals.

    Can I fill the skip bin over the top?

    No, you must only fill it to the top. Due to occupational health and safety, waste cannot exceed the height of the bin. If your bin is overloaded, you may be required to offload it before it can be removed from the site. Please note an overloading fee of up to $100 may apply.

    Can I put green waste in a skip bin?

    Yes, only small branches.

    Where are you allowed to put a skip bin?

    You can put the skip in your driveway or any other private property. However, if you want to put on a nature stripe or on the road then permit is required.

    What happens to the stuff you put in a skip bin?

    It is first transferred to our transfer station where is it sorted and recycle material is retrieved as much as possible. The remaining materials deemed
    non-recyclable will be directed to the landfill.

    What is a cubic meter?

    A cubic metre is measured using the length x width x height formula. For example, a 4m3 = length 4.2m x width 2.4m x height 0.4m. For further information, please contact our office on 0403 215 624

    Is skip bin waste recycled?

    At our transfer station, we try our best to retrieve recyclable materials as much as possible. Currently, we recycle up to 70% of the waste.